Chat Bots & AI Development

Bots are text-based programs powered by artificial intelligence and natural learning processes that interact with users over a variety of platforms.

Right now, we are working on several chat bots for big media companies and we can’t wait to announce them! Meanwhile, check out how chat bots can help your business and let us know if you want us to build you one.

BI Intelligence Report

August, 2016

Where Chatbots Are Used

Content delivery

Users can get push and pull content from publishers.

Bots learn customer preferences and personalize the content using the interaction history.

Customer Service Inquiries

With chat bots, brands can streamline customer interactions and users can easily record and retrieve their past interactions with businesses.

Chat bots respond immediately and customers do not have to wait in a queue.


Customers can view product lines, buy goods, and organize a delivery from within a chat interaction.

Messaging systems have payments integrated into the chat application, so customers can buy with one click.

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Our toolkit for building the perfect chat bot

Make it smart with NLP and deep learning.

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Personalize it and give it context awareness.

Access any data by connecting to any API.

Teach it how to communicate via dialogue systems.

Train the bot using previous communications.





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