Android Custom Firmware Development

Our team helps client to use embedded Android OS on custom devices. We build software for hotel room interactive systems, in-store kiosk devices, vending machines, innovative custom devices with Android and even robots.

Customized Android OS

We have four three years of experience developing custom version of Android OS for the hardware.

Feel free to reach out if you are looking to outsource embedded Android part or need help connecting third-party devices or you want to do things that Android OS does not allow you to do, including in-depth control over apps, "root"-like access to system resources and automation tools to deploy devices.

Adriano Quiroga, CTO and Co-Founder at Focal Systems
Adriano Quiroga, CTO and Co-Founder at Focal Systems
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Where Embedded Android Devices Are Used

In-store interactive displays

Interactive displays can increase customer engagement and in-store experience. We can help you to create software for smart mirrors, in store navigation, context enabled product catalogs.

You can get insights into customers behaviour and buying habits using various device sensors and video recognition.

Smart hotel systems

In-room personalized digital assistant with deep hotel system integration.

Climate control, TV programs, video streaming services, light control and much more - can be operated from an in-room tablet or customer smartphone.

Embedded Android makes it possible to provide highly personalized devices inside hotel rooms and reduce cost by automating hotel services.

New generation vending machines

With touch interface it is possible to fully change the consumer experience at a vending machine.

Cameras and applications allow to get insights on who is in front, how she reacts to products and how easy is to make a purchase.

Embedded Android runs on many modern hardware platforms and gives wider capabilities to manage and service fleet of devices, compared to existing solutions.

TV boxes & smart-TV systems

Android TV can be connected to a CMS of your choice, and you’ll have a full control of what is on the screen.

Devices can be restricted to specific use cases with administrative functions disabled or limited.

Remote control, configuration and monitoring is available for a fleet of devices.

Want to learn more about custom Android firmware?

In this guide we share all our experience about how to select, build, configure and tweak custom Android OS for your device.

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