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The problem

Everyone hates planning. It takes a lot of energy and time. Usually, when you have free time, or you are in the mood to do something interesting, you want to know the options right here and right now. You want to see what events are going on in the city and just go!

Design challenge

We believe that urban people need a new way to find events in the city because they want to avoid hassle and extra mental energy when they plan their leisure time.


Building personas helps us look at the software through the eyes of our users and focus on the specific somebody, not the generic anybody.

After the series of interview with stakeholders and potential users we came up with several personas who informed our further discovery design process.

Please meet one of them!

Mapping user journey

User journey mapping helps arrange our user’s story into narrative sequences to discuss and visualise how the new app will handle each step of user interactions, how it address his behavior, needs and feelings.


We built user journey around key stages of event planning: discovering, deciding and actually going to the event. Understanding user’s needs, feelings and actions at the each stage helped to define right features of the app.

Design principles

Lazy discovery

No categories or filters to find an event. Just scroll and see what is going on in the city.

No doubtful editor’s decisions

Users should be able to decide for themselves where to go, depending on the value of the available criteria: time, place, number of participants or friends who are going.

Discover what is
happening tonight
Check details
and decide
See where your
friends are going
Check your
findings later













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