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Goal & Vision

Build an awesome mobile app for young people to share any kind of story with anyone in the world.

Design principles

Production over consumption

Dailycam is a space for sharing everything that happens to you and around you. That’s why the app should have a completely dedicated landing screen for capturing a video.

Authenticity over polish

All videos will be live in Dailycam for only 24 hours so you can be your true self. Don’t waste time tweaking or altering your video. Just shoot, share, and shoot some more!

Spacial awareness over layers of UI

It takes time to learn how to use the app, but once you get how it works, it goes a lot faster and you’ll love it!

Prototype thinking

We believe that doing is the best form of thinking. Paper prototyping allows us to quickly investigate the wide range of design ideas and gain insights through rounds of rapid testing.


Mood & Style

We found visual inspiration in the colors of city nightlife and picked bright, enthusiastic blue-purple colors for backgrounds, with yellow and green for accents. For typography, we decided to use Sans Serif fonts.


Graphic design

With Dailycam, people can share their stories with anyone in the world. All videos are removed after 24 hours, allowing every channel to have a new story to show and tell every day.

All videos are live for only 24 hours allowing you to show something new daily
Keep up with friends by quickly accessing their stories
Share a moment with a UserTag or go anonymous
Join, watch or start stories using hashtags

UI Atoms

all stories

Not always our users will be successful in getting what they want. Sometimes they may have problems with the internet connection or they can look for something that doesn’t exist. We should envision such situation in advance giving users a clear understanding of what problem they have, why they have it and what they can do.

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This bird is not easy to find :)

Dailycam aims to record all city stories, and birds seem to be the silent witnesses of everything that’s happening in a city. That’s how Loadi the pigeon came to be!

Loadi the pigeon lets it accompany users in any unclear or confusing situation...or just makes them smile!


When a user opens the app for the first time, we want to make sure that their first experience is easy and rewarding. Onboarding in Dailycam helps to explain the spatial design and draw the user’s attention to the key features.


Working with video on mobile poses several technical challenges that arise from needing to support a variety of screen resolutions and to find a sweet spot between file size and video quality.

While developing the iPhone application for Dailycam, we paid special attention to both of these factors and came up with several tricks to find the perfect balance.

The video looks equally great on devices with varying diagonals (we care about users with small screens!).

We analyzed tons of video codeсs and picked the one that provides the best quality with the minimal size.

The backend is based on Parse Open Server, a self-hosted backend service for database storage and server code logic. For storing videos, we use Amazon S3 Bucket.

When a user shoots a video, the app uploads it to the S3, gets the link, and then saves the video metadata on Parse Open Server.

Quality assurance is a significant part of each project we work on. For Dailycam, we used a healthy mix of manual and automated quality assurance tests that allowed us to make testing more efficient (to save precious development time and money) and to make sure that we eliminated the majority of bugs.

For backend testing, we built a bunch of Python scripts that perform simple poke tests (reading and writing data to the database using REST API). For app testing, we created unit tests (using native XCTestCase framework) and UI tests (using Calabash).

Automated tests weren’t sufficient in our case, as the application should be stable during different network conditions: high latency, low signal, no network connection, etc. So we simulated these situations manually with the help of Burp Suite.

Antonio Flores, Co-Founder & Investor @Dailycam
Antonio Flores, Co-Founder & Investor @Dailycam

Project team

Dailycam is simple, fast, and fun to use.

Everyone can be part of any channel, and there are tons of channels you can watch and discover every day!

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