Embedded Android from AOSP:
A Complete Guide

About This Guide

Android OS can be used as an embedded operating system for almost any device – ATMs, Vending Machines, Household Robots, Payment Terminal and Smart Bus Stop Terminals.

Android is open-sourced, based on the Linux operating system. It supports a variety of networking and telephony protocols and works out of the box. There are millions of available apps and millions of Android developers who can write apps.

This guide is an ongoing effort of our team to share our experience of working with Android on a system level, tweaking its internals to add geofencing, customization of device charging modes or limiting existing system menus, and extending it with new services.

We also discuss the general pros and cons of using Android as an embedded operating system.

Who is this Guide For?

Have you ever faced a decision about which operating system to select for your device? What hardware platform should you select and build upon?

Were you engaged in development of a device that should always be connected, automatically receive over-the-air updates, send heartbeat, analytics and system logs to the central system and even support third party apps?

Or maybe you’ve tried to re-purpose the inexpensive off-the-shelf Android tablet and deploy it across several offices and locations with a specific service build on top.

If these challenges sound familiar, then this is the guide for you!

Table Of Contents

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