Chat Bots for Business:
The Up-To-Date Guide
to Building Chat Bots

About the Guide

We are rapidly moving into a world where everyday chat conversations, from talking to the bank, your cable provider, the doctor's office or your local takeaway, can all be automated. Artificial Intelligence will continue to shape things in that direction. It's clear that AI products are set to become a crucial part of the marketing kit when it comes to user retention.

We've worked on a couple of bots and wanted to share our experience of how chat bots can help businesses around the globe.

Table Of Contents

Who Is This Guide For?

We’ve made this guide for professionals who are thinking about how to make their business more profitable and are automating lots of conventional processes.

As CMO or CIO in the company, you’re in the permanent position of looking for new, more efficient solutions and mechanics to enhance the company’s/your client’s business.

Like with every new form of technology, you need to organize an iterative process: explore, build, experiment, design, repeat. We’d be more than happy to help you in this journey.

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