We help companies
design & build mobile products

Our team of mobile app developers and designers focus on making apps easy to use and blazing fast, whether they are designed for heavy video processing or simple utility tasks.

Creative Design Approach

We start from your goals and business needs. Focusing our efforts on achieving key metrics and optimizing product for best User Experience.

Ideation workshops together with clients

Ideas are great but they have to be focused and lead to the final goal. Getting together in one room helps shape the path and find new ways that were hidden before. Our ultimate goal is to build products that change this world and add value to areas of our lives and businesses.

Experts in Mobile App Development

We care about quality on all stages. It starts from a single line of code and ends with the experience of user journey. We apply various tools and techniques to keep the bar high: code reviews, automated testing on all levels, Continuous integration and more.

Finding the shortest way to MVP and idea validation

What may be assumed to be a great feature - might not ever be used by real people. It is vitally important to validate ideas and decisions as early as possible. Our process is shaped by this philosophy. We ship often and listen for feedback. We drop features that do not add value and we always stay focused.

Pavel Taykalo, Lead iOS Engineer
Pavel Taykalo, Lead iOS Engineer

Alexandr Tyschenko


Alexandr Voronov

iOS Developer

Anastasiia Voitova

iOS Developer

Andrew Garkavyi


Anna Iurchenko

Experience Designer

Anna Shaban

Project Manager

Bogdan Ianatiev

Marketing Manager

Evhenii Olenovych


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